CTGOTG v2.0 is GO!

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Okayso long story short the old set up used to be me having a 128 GB SD card in my phone (an HTC10) and when we went to Scotland in 2016 I was able to have redundant backups on the go. My method then was to dump everything from my cameras and GoPro to the internal SD card and then upload to Google Drive from there. Then for added redundancy I would dump onto my external 1 terabyte transcend jet store hard drive via the OTG cable. 


That that was all well and good until my phone decided to stop playing nice with my internal SD card and I have not trusted that set up since. I figured out another solution. 

 Version 2.0 consists of a $15 transcend 8 in 1 USB 3.0 card reader and an equally expensive Anker USB 3.0 4-port hub. My main concern was that all the flash media would be powered just fine by USB 3 but the small two and a half inch laptop hard drive in the portable hard drive case would not be powered by USB since it had moving parts. Luckily I was so very wrong and now there is simply no need for me to ever take a laptop while traveling and/or have to worry about redundancy with backing up all my media while abroad.


Enjoy enjoy the video... 


 *Edit* For those of you with iDevices fear not it appears that if you search Amazon for a 'Lightning OTG cable' you can either purchase the apple one for like $30 as usual or the 3rd party versions as I have for about $15. Your call. Also here's a link to an Adobe LR Mobile support article for those of you looking to Edit on the go as well. 


 Back in Fall 2017 I edited an entire Family Photoshoot via LR Mobile. Yes, it's way slower (about 65% slower for those of you that care about such things) of a workflow due to clicks and drags but if you have time to kill on public transit like I do. Have at it. Plus you can pick up right where you left off when you get to your main edit machine given that the same Adobe Account is used on said main edit machine. 

Again because I have not tested it (mainly due to @trailerparkgirltravelstheworld not being a huge fan of me tinkering with her  iPhone) I cannot speak to whether an iDevice will send as much power over USB to power multiple devices via a multi-port USB3 Hub as in my example.

I was giddily shocked that it worked with  my Transcend 1TB portable drive because it does not house flash memory it basically has a laptop physical (platter) drive in it. I also confirmed that this scenario works splendidly with an SSD portable drive like the relatively-affordable Samsung T3 or T5. Well duh, flash media draws hardly any amperage compared to platter drives. Based on that science I don't know how my Transcend drive pulls it off, but I'm glad it does.  

In general uhhh...Buh-bye moving parts! 😎