Twenty Minutes 'til Boarding -- Creative Tech Geek Travel Essentials Check

We're flying close to twenty hours today. SEA>SFO>KMG

All. The. Downloads. 



Audio Books. Plenty of time to get a few checked off. I think I have a another credit or two waiting for me. 😁


Rita. Season 4. Yes it's THAT good. If you've ever wanted a glimpse into modern day Danish life and don't mind subtitles. It's a gem. Skål 🇩🇰 Jeg, fåstor lidt Densk. 


So. I take a chance on some Prime Video every now and a again. What I enjoy most about this show is that unlike a binge-tastic storyline with occasional arcs, from what I can tell so far is that Phillip K. Dick's Electric Dreams has a season full of 45 minute short films, and he landed some pretty big name actors. If you enjoy quasi-campy Sci-Fi Dis/Utopia, go for it. 

Side Note: Is it just me or are Netflix and Prime Video becoming new Networks. Where back in the day all the shows on a given network Sitcoms, Dramas, or otherwise seemed to have a network-specific look and/or feel to them?!? 😎



Last, but certainly not least. A huge thank you to all the creators of content that supply my cerebral sanity. @jaredpolin of #froknowsphoto started it all for me and podcasts back in the day. Since then I've added various Music, Science, Tech, History, and Culture podcasts since and never looked back. Again thank you all for what you contribute to this amazing world we live in. 

The Trifecta becomes a Foursome

The days of having '...but Nikon and Canon glass are...' discussions with yourself are long over. 


I don't have a creatively styled image of the Fearsome Foursome just yet. It was hard enough trying to fit three f/2.8 lenses in the frame ranging 7-13 inches long.  


This image from @tamronusa should suffice.   (


Yes, it really is THAT the right conditions.